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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

People watching

I dug out some sketches today. All of these were done around the Disneyland Resort with a soft grey art marker for the initial layout and shadows and then refined with a black Pilot pen. For any budding artists out there, those art markers are a great way to get depth and shadow if you're drawing with pen. Prior to this discovery my pen drawings got very black and messy.

This was a bellman at the Grand Californian Hotel.

Just some lady. Must have been a cold day.

A server, at the Carnation Cafe, most likely.

This was a CM I worked with in Toontown actually. Were this a color picture she'd be wearing bright blue pants and a sunshine yellow shirt under her black universal coat. Drawn while she was on a break enjoying one of those delicious bags of vending machine Fritos- golden chips of corn!

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