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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blondes have more fun...

...even though they don't seem to be doing much in these 2 quick sketches. I get frustrated when I see other artists beautiful drawings of gorgeous women; they make me feel like a rank amateur. Still, I do find a certain amount of satisfaction in these that I've done. As an artist, I go back and forth between being depressed that I'm not as amazing as some other artists out there, and keeping it all in perspective and knowing that every day I get a little better. I need to remind myself that so far I've never really finished my drawings to the extent that some of these other artists do, and that with another cleanup pass or two, my drawings might be a little closer to theirs in quality. I guess I'm not too interested in the fine details, so much as the overall gesture of the girls I draw. One day when I have scads of free time lying around I'll do a nice cleanup of one of these and either do some digital color like my Martini Girl, or, dare I say, actually paint it for real.

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