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Monday, February 23, 2009

A is for Anteater

I've decided to create a little assignment for myself. Faced with the prospect of not being able to post my work for Disney any longer, I started wondering what sort of material I would be able to put up on this blog with any regularity. I don't get out to figure draw nearly as much as I'd like and honestly my favorite/most successful drawings are generally quick character sketches. But even those are few and far between without a specific assignment to spur them into being. So I decided, simply to give myself some structure, I'm going to go through the alphabet, doing an animal sketch for each letter. I don't know that it will be every day, but at least when I get that "gotta post something feeling", at least I will have a starting place. I may go all the way to color with some of these, or they may just be quick sketches- the point is just to keep drawing.

And so I present the letter A...
Anteater- a poem by Eric
(written very late at night)
Oh if I were an anteater
How grand life would be
On a branch I would teeter
way up in my tree
And the ants would all swarm
in their special ant way
but I'd never eat 'em-
I like burritos.

©Eric Scales 2009

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