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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek Reborn?

After being the last trekkie in America to see the new Star Trek Movie, I just felt I had to draw something Star Trek-ky. I never really have done any Star Trek artwork before, aside from some quick dry erase drawings in the Toontown Gag Factory Stockroom, because one of the other CM's there was/is a big trekkie and we'd always doodle ships on the whiteboard as we passed. But that sort of thing was always more technical than what I usually drew. Anyway, the upcoming Drawergeeks subject is Star Trek, and while I will hopefully have a more developed entry when that completion date rolls around, for now I have just this quick doodle. I only spent about 5 minutes on this, so please be kind.

My intial thought was "Star Trek Babies" ala Muppet Babies (besides Ducktales, the single greatest cartoon of my generation- don't bother arguing, it's documented fact). The possibilities in a single frame would be endless- Baby Kirk in a walker that looks like a big saucer shaped ship, Baby Scotty taking apart or building some elaborate Tinker Toy creation that could probably power a starship, and Uhura sticking things in her ear. For now we have little "Spocky" pinching other kids.

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