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Monday, December 14, 2009

Mr. Gumpox, the Garbage Man

This is inspired by a character from the classic radio program, Vic & Sade. This brilliant, simple show followed the life of Victor R. Gook, his wife Sade, and their adopted son Rush (later Russel). For most of the shows 14 years on Radio, Vic, Sade, Rush and one other character, Uncle Fletcher, were the only characters heard, though through their clever dialogue we learned about all the other wacky characters in the small town they called home. With names like Y.Y. Flirtch, Robert and Slobert Hink, Pelter Unbleat (and his imaginary brother), these characters were unbelievably entertaining without ever even making their voices heard. One such character is Mr. Gumpox, who drives the garbage wagon. Gumpox is never described but through the various storylines, we get the impression that he takes his job as garbage wagon driver (and collector I assume) very seriously. So seriously that I picture him wearing some sort of uniform, probably a cast off from the local Railway Depot (the Chicago & Alton Depot to be precise). Those reins he's holding belong to his faithful horse, Howard. I had hoped to write a short bio of my limited knowledge of Gumpox, but sadly the Holidays are eating up so much of my time I just didn't get a chance. Do yourself a favor, if you'd love to hear the original "Show About Nothing", sit back and relax and download a few short episodes of Vic & Sade.

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