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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Like I mentioned in a previous post, I really am not very good at drawing dinosaurs. A life of drawing cartoons has left me with a poor sense of non-cute proportions- thus my dinos end up looking cute or wacky or mutated, but rarely do they look, well, correct. But I keep trying. Here's one where I tried to be a little more free with it, keeping the proportions caricatured but still trying to give it that creepy predatory look (and you can see I abandoned the idea of giving him a ridge of spikes down his back).

Below I really wanted to depict a scene from the book version of Jurassic Park where the T-Rex follows the heroes into a river. Inspired by that, I wanted to show the moment where he emerges, with water flowing off his great leathery head. Being done from memory, it has none of the strength of the T-Rex from the film, and looks more like the classic Godzilla to me. And I added the small man in the fishing boat- who looks more confused than scared.


Dan Alexander said...

Great dinos, Eric! The T-Rex is especially impressive.

I'd love to see Marc Davis-inspired dinosaur characters (like "America Sings" with dinosaurs).

Brine Blank said...

That boat scene is really reminds me a lot of the big G as well, but with your twist...and that sir is a compliment...