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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Super Big Micro Show

No sooner do I try to take a week off than I get the opportunity to do a little promo for an exciting event. A good friend of mine, Disney artist Brian Kesinger, started a blog some time ago. I've been a bit too busy to give it the sort of shout out it deserves, but suffice it to say his work is incredible. Brian has worked at Walt Disney Feature Animation for 13 years now, contributing Layouts to films like Tarzan, Prep and Landing, Chicken Little, Bolt, and serving on the story crew of the upcoming Winnie the Pooh. Though working at Disney would be a dream come true for many people, the realities of production deadlines means that even if you draw cartoons for a living you still need ways to blow off a little creative steam. Brian and several of his fellow artists got together and created what they dubbed the Micro Gallery. It's literally a narrow section of corridor at the end of the hall where they can display their own artwork. Recently, Gallery Nucleus decided to showcase the work of the micro gallery and expand it to showcase artists from Dreamworks, Pixar, and other neighborhood studios. It's always amazing to see the artwork that an artist does outside of work, and Gallery Nucleus' Super Big Micro Show is an opportunity to do just that. The opening reception is on December 11 at 7pm and the show will run until Jan 4. If you'd like to see what kind of artwork today's animation artists do "just for fun" stop by Gallery Nucleus!


Mike said...

Sweet, Eric! Thanks for the heads up!

Andy said...

Thanks for sharing the information about the "The Super Big Micro Show". I went last week. I was wonderful!