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Thursday, June 30, 2011


I find myself trying to avoid drawing the "gimmicky" animals- you know the ones God seems to have made to make us do a double take the first time we see them? Then I run out of ideas, draw one of these animals that have been used as endless fodder for cartoons and characters, and remember why they are such favorites- they're really interesting! I have a few more Koala's but barely have time to scan things nowadays. So for now, enjoy these. And a preemptive excuse- I knew Koala's had 2 thumbs on each hand, and suspected that they did on their feet also. But I drew most of these before really consulting any reference. Turns out the foot thumbs are on the outside of the foot, opposite of what I've shown. So if you were going to comment just to tell me I did the thumbs wrong, don't bother.

On second thought, you can comment anyway. I really like comments.

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