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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Down in Fraggle Rock Pt 5

Boy it's been a long time since I've worked on this one. I wanted a project to keep me motivated to practice my digital painting, so I figured a big free form group shot of a bunch of Fraggles would be good. I'm just kind of making each one up as I go along, not worrying about the overall layout or anything, but of course trying to get some good personality in there. The reason I've neglected is so long was that my Wacom was really acting up. My stylus finally died, and after getting a new one I find that that seems to have solved most of the problems I was having. So enough talking, check out the progress below.

This is where I left off.

So I blocked in a new Fraggle. I really wanted to make this guy unique. So often the background characters were meant to just blend in, and not really have unique features. I wanted to make this guy old, with grayer colors overall, a beard, and a hat. I kinda sketched him looking into his hands. I think eventually I'm going to put a doozer into his hand, but didn't have time to do it tonight.

You can see below, just barely blocking in the actual face, I've already lost a slight tilt to his head that was in the original sketch. I didn't notice this loss till after, and as I still like the end result, I didn't bother to fix it. Still, often there is something subtle about the sketch that is lost if you're not careful.

The beginning of facial details. Some bags under his eyes and liver spots or freckels on his nose.

Fur on the body and the arms are defined now. Love making these little guys look soft and squishy.

Here's his beard. I've really gotten a bit more extreme (realistic?) with the lighting on this guy, which means I might go back and adjust it on the others.

And finally, his hat. I seem to remember that the fraggles wore some sort of hat like this, though it looked like it was carved out of a gourd or something. But I felt the overall shape looked a little too Smurfish (especially with that Papa Smurf-ish beard), so I wanted mine to be a bit more angular. And I tried to make it look like a patchwork.

That's all for today. I hope to work on this a lot more frequently.

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