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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little Wednesday Mischief

Still trying to come up with a suitable name for this little guy. He's a mischeivious white kitten with a black head, or is he a black kitten with a white body?


M said...

My kitten started it's life beeing named "Minos" (because our other cat is called "Zeus").
But that proved to hard for my stepson to pronounce, so we switched to "Minus".
That didnt feel entirely correct so we changed it again, this time to "Morris".

It was after that we learned it was a little kitty-girl. But we decided to go with Morris. The poor kitty had been through enough life altering name changes already :)
Just thought I'd throw some ideas at you!

Michael Shell said...

This little guy is great. What on earth did you use to colour that in?
Also for some strange reason the only name coming to mind is Mittens. Original, I know.

Eric Scales said...

Thanks guys. I've been investigating Hawaiian, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean... it's been an exhaustive search to find a name but nothing has quite clicked yet. I'll be sure to post when I figure something out.

Michael, this is painted with Guoache, which is an opaque watercolor. Each cat is really only 1.5 inches square, so they're pretty magnified if you click on the image, and the texture of the watercolor paper I used is much too noticeable. I'm finally learning Illustrator and I kinda designed him to be done in Illustrator so I'll post some samples of that when I get them done.

Thanks for the kind comments guys!

mai s kemble said...

His name could be othelo? or oreo... or is that so typical?

Eric Scales said...

Othelo is a good idea. Would there be some trademark issues with Oreo? I can't believe I didn't think of either of those.

M said...

Salt n Pepper is much to obvious.. So what about "Sahl" and "Peppeh" :)

Time for weekend!