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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Pups of Liberty

A few years ago, my friends Bert and Jennifer Klein asked if I'd be interested in working on an independent film that they were producing. I hadn't done much animation since high school, and didn't know what they really needed, but fortunately they were willing to give me whatever I could handle. I didn't have much time to devote to it so I only worked on 3 scenes, 2 short inbetween scenes and one where I actually got to animate, but they were both fun to do.

The film is finally finished and is making the rounds at various film festivals. There's a lot more info at their site . The trailer below actually contains 2 of the 3 scenes I did. I animated the father and daughter dog and the crowd at the meeting, watching the Redcat speaking (didn't animate the cat, I think Bert did), and I inbetweened the shadow shown throwing the crate of teabones to the ground. Great stuff I know ;) Still, like I said, super fun to do. Someday I'll digitize my old VHS tape of stuff from animation class and wow everyone with my mad skills.

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