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Friday, January 22, 2010

Digital girl: Take 2

After putting it off for a long time, I finally updated my Wacom Tablet's drivers and sure enough it made a huge difference in performance. It was working but lacked pen pressure sensitivity now. Before, it would make one consistently thick line- now with the new drivers, the line is thicker when I push harder and tapers to a thin line as I lessen the pressure. Also it tracks my pen differently on the screen, which makes an even bigger difference (but is going to be hard to get used to). Anyway, some time back I had attempted a drawing totally digitally, no scanned sketch first. The results weren't very satisfying.

Fuzzy and indecisive, I had to scribble in place on the screen just to find where the pen was. Admittedly I've had a lot of traditional practice with the subject matter since then (I've been drawing girls a lot more), but the driver upgrades really did help too.

What do you think? She's really overworked, but kind of on purpose because I was experimenting with the different features so much that I just kept working long after I was happy with it. That light blue underdrawing is digital too, by the way.

And I really should point you back to the site that made me try this in the first place, the blog of the super talented, rediculously gifted Jenny Lerew, whose work you can see here. I've said it before and I'll say it again, her work is so good it will make you mail your nightshirt to Detroit, Michigan parcel post.

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