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Friday, January 29, 2010

Wise old dragon

I intended this to be a drastically different design than the illustratioin I had done before, and it turned out with almost identical features. Oh well.


Michael Shell said...

I'm loving the mixture of straights and curves in this one particularly around the tail. Keep it up mate, your sketches are great.

Darrin.. said...

Looks awesome!! Reminds me a little bit of Mushu.. only a bit more wiser.

Eric Scales said...

Yeah when I did that other dragon (see the link above) I had to make a real conscious effort not to emulate Mushu, and yet I still wanted him to be red, and to have certain traditional chinese features. I wasn't as careful this time so he probably drifted back into Mushu territory.

Thanks Michael! I tend to stay pretty orgainic, and it's usually only if I take this the illustration to a more completed level that I really really emphasize those straights agains curves. I think they are there naturally but not quite as emphasized as they could be.