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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Brother

My 6 year old daughter loves to play a game called "Little Brother"- basically I pretend I'm her two year old brat of a brother, and she gets to be the older sister (usually 16-20 years old). Little Brother is obsessed with Spider-Man and Lightning McQueen and is always getting into trouble: getting into the candy jar, picking his nose, playing in the mud, and generally being a pain. This is what I picture him looking like. They were not done to specifically depict little brother though so this kid is a bit older, but the personality is the same: loud and obnoxious, very self assured. The part Sabrina loves about the game is she is the authority figure and gets to tell little brother , "No!". She gets to grab his shirt as he goes for candy or drag him to bed without supper. Little Brother is a fascinating game to play with your kid, if for no other reason to hear their approach to child rearing, but it's also exhausting. It takes a lot of energy to be a bad kid.

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