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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Developing Roxi

Here are a few super preliminary sketches for Roxi, the next character I'm developing for


Brian S. said...

I love how thoroughly different she looks from Demi! Not just "recostumed" like a few male artists I've seen around.

I'll bet this kind of variety adds a whole new level of appeal to a group of girls.

Eric Scales said...

Thanks Brian! Well these preliminary ones are a bit more cartoony than the final look will probably be, and therefore a bit different than Demi. I am hoping though that all the girls will feel unique and not simply like one girl with different costumes.

Anonymous said...

Can we say Chris Sanders?

Eric Scales said...

You think so Anonymous? Other then the "Hawaiian Girl" idea, I don't particular think it feels like Sanders stuff. Actually I think the proportions of the face in the final Roxi

feels a bit like Sanders, but that's actually due to the look of the model.