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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not funny

Lest my blog be characterized as containing only cute animals and pretty girls, here's something to add a little variety.


Dawn said...

Eeeeep!!! He is scaring me!! Well done!

Dan Alexander said...

Clowns are scary! Walt Disney World's Barnstormer roller coaster is becoming a clown coaster for their Fantasyland redo (since Dumbo will move right next to it--but I think it would have been better as a Pink Elephants on Parade coaster).

Great character here, as usual!

JON said...

Awesome character, man! I really enjoy your artwork!

Eric Scales said...

Thanks everyone!

Hadn't heard that detail about the Barnstormer redo. I knew it was being redone but didn't know the theme. Interesting. Pink Elephants would definately be awesome in an indoor, blacklight environment, but I'm guessing it will remain mainly outdoors. I wonder if Casey Junior will become the coaster vehicle?