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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know, I know what you're thinking. Another rabbit. Doesn't this guy look like the most uninteresting character ever? He doesn't  look like he could sneak into your vegetable patch if he wanted to.
I'm afraid the posts might have been a little mundane lately. No monsters, or wierd, fanciful creatures, or things like that. Actually, creatures are exactly what I've been drawing lately. But I'm saving them. Last October, just a short time after I started doing daily posts, I tried to theme them all to Halloween. I didn't start until halfway into the month, but this year I vow to do better. Starting this Friday, October 1st, I'll  post 21 consecutive "spooky" doodles (hey, I can call them "spoodles"!), that's one every Monday through Friday. They're already piling up, but you gotta wait until October. Until then I'm afraid it might be bunny's and cats.

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