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Friday, September 10, 2010

Chicken Lady

I was first introduced to the Kids in the Hall about 5 or 6 years after their show went off the air. I don't think I found them particularly funny, but I did find them very appealing. It was like watching a bunch of your friends perform skits- they weren't the best actors, but you laughed cause they were your friends. Having said that there were a few skits or characters that were as funny as anything I've ever seen, one of those characters being the Chicken Lady.
Played by actor Mark McKinney, Chicken Lady, we would come to find out through the course of the series, was the offspring of a farmer and a Chicken- duh. I don't know if the original intent was for her to be so horrifying, but that was the effect. She was a large, mannish woman, awkward both in her birdlike movements and odd style, and totally socially maladjusted. The various adventures of Chicken Lady usually found her pursuing love (or more likely just looking for a good time), but having no clue whatsoever how uncomfortable she made people. McKinney basically portrayed her with a big white wig, a beaky prostethic nose, and clothing lined with feathers- the low budget effect was a bit confusing, it appeared that she might just be a normal woman with a beaky nose. However I thought that I'd draw her head much more chicken like. This is big budget, Stan Winston style Chicken Lady

There are a few Chicken Lady clips available on youtube, for those who dare.

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