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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project Omni

A little while ago, I wrote an atypically cryptic blog post about the 1960's and sci-fi stuff like miniaturization and molecules and things. And I showed a picture of a logo I had designed. Remember? Well that logo was just a small part of a short film that my friend Roby Brown at Windup JetPack  was working on. He wanted to create a Preshow Film for the classic Disneyland attraction Adventure Thru Inner Space which operated from 1967 until 1985.  If you were fortunate enough to ride that attraction, you'll remember that while you got a lot of information waiting to board your "atommobile", there was no Preshow Film persay- Roby, like all good creative people saw this absence and saw it as an opportunity to make something. It's an awesome little film and I'm happy he asked me to help. Check it out below.

Makes you want to don mouse ears and hop in line to get miniaturized doesn't it? Or at least to dust off the old chemistry set.

Before you do though, here are just a few of the various versions of the logo I designed for ATOM, the Association To Optimize Miniaturization. I love 60's styling, so it was fun to design the corporate logo for this fictional firm.

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