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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Haylee Vs. the Venusian Vegetation- a bit cleaner

Here's the cleaned up sketch that I'll paint. You can see I got rid of the big cheeks on the largest alien plant, and significantly altered Haylee's expression from the way it looked in the rough sketch. Still not sure how much of a background I'm going to give this. I really would like to. We'll see.


Irena said...

Eric Hi!

I got to your blog from the DrawerGeeks site, and after fllowing it for several months now, I have to tell you it is one of my favorites!

I was wondering if you know how it is possiable to get updates from the drawergeeks site about new images uploaded... unfortunatlly I found no way to contact anyone in the site itself unless you are a member, and clearly I'm not.

can you maybe hlep? :)

Irena, Israel

Eric Scales said...

Hi Irena,

Thanks! Unfortunately I know of no way to receive updates about Drawergeeks, other than checking on Fridays. As it is we usually post new material every other Friday but sometimes it's been stretched to 3 weeks inbetween. Sorry.