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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Knock Knock

A few years ago I did some concept work for RedEye Animation. One client was Kidmo, a Company that did Christian programming for kids. I was asked to do design a series of doors for a segment called "Knock Knock". There would be a short song, and this door would be seen opening, before a fact or lesson would be given. But my job was just to design some doors. Here are 3 that I did.

The doors themselves are all traditionally painted with Guoache. Then for some reason I can't remember, I added some quick photoshopped backgrounds. I think I just did the doors initially and then was asked to add the backgrounds, and for the sake of expediency did it in Photoshop.
Some time later, one of the other artists at RedEye took the green door I had done and created the clip below to show how it might be animated.

All images Copyright Red Eye Animation.

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