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Monday, May 3, 2010

Little Brother Returns

A while back, I talked about a game I play with my daughter that we call Little Brother. We've been playing it so long that the character of Little Brother has really solidified in both of our minds. I decided I'd draw a couple sketches of little brother, as those sketches in the other post actually predate our playing the Little Brother game. Little Brother frequently shouts and stomps around. He's rarely clothed in more than a diaper (perhaps with a Spider-Man t-shirt)

Little Brother is often caught stealing sweets between meals. Generally it's his big sister (my daughter), using her magic powers of invisibility, who catches him. She uses her magic wand to turn the sweets into fruits or vegetables just as he puts them in his mouth.


Dawn said...

What a wonderful game! I looooooooove that she turns sweets into fruits or veggies, how creative!! Your sketches are wonderful!!

Eric Scales said...

She only does it cause she knows Little Brother hates it.