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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haylee's Back!

Back when I drew Haylee Komet for Drawergeeks, I kept thinking, "Now here's a character I could see revisiting". Unike a lot of the stuff I post here, that illustration suggested some backstory as well as other adventures that she could go on. So I decided to put her in a new situation. I'm still not sure what style I want to use with her. I've stretched out her proportions quite a bit here, in no small part to the inspiration of Dean Yeagle's Mandy who is very tall. Mandy's a bit skinnier than I like, and it's incredibly hard to make myself draw Haylee that way, but I figure if I push her beyond my normal style, maybe I'll wind up advancing that style a bit. We'll see. The Haylee you see above is going to be paired with the plants I posted yesterday.

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