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Friday, November 6, 2009

Drawergeeks: Teeth

This weeks Drawergeeks theme was teeth. This is one of those pieces that was pretty well formed in my mind as soon as I heard the theme. I think it owes a lot to this record album that I had when I was young:

That picture of Puff always scared me too much to look at it for any length of time, but it definately stuck with me. The eyes and that crooked smile definately came from that LP. I didn't even realize that I still had it until this morning, so the inspiration was from the LP's memory, not actual physical reference. Below is the final sketch that I used for the painting. If I'm working on something that's got an established model or look, I'll do a drawing much tighter than this, but this one was very much about playing with the shapes and lines and I kinda just decided to do that in the painting stage.

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Brett Bean said...

I loved this one. The teeth and your style. Awesome stuff, yours jumped out of the group to me too!

Michael Shell said...

You've really managed to take Puff and create a distinct style. I like what you've done with the reflection, very subtle but effective. However I think the top of the crocodile blends in with the background too much for my liking. It makes it feel a little bit disjointed from the bottom part of the jaw which stands out so clearly from the black. Although what would I know, I'm just a kid. Keep up the amazing work Eric.

Eric Scales said...

Thanks guys. Yeah Michael, that darker green may be a bit too close to the black. In person, and on my screen, it's clear enough, but it might not be on all screens. As an artist, perhaps I should have chosen a different color. Don't discount your opinions, especially when it's something as instinctual about what works with art and what doesn't. Personally, I think I owe most of my arts success to my gut instincts- what feels right and wrong- I assume many other artists are the same. Trust your gut, kid!