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Monday, October 11, 2010

21 Days of Halloween Doodles Day 7: Vamp


Anonymous said...

Hello you draw lovely im 13 years old and Huge fan I try to draw your pictures but or the nose come out not right or someting I hope someday i can draw just like you!!!

From Karli

Eric Scales said...

Thanks Karli!

Yeah noses are pretty tough. The nose as a rule isn't a particularly pretty thing and if you are trying to draw a pretty girl or woman, it's easy for the nose to mess up a pretty face. I think the trouble with noses usually comes from trying to draw too much of it. You might want to see how little of the nose you can get away with doing- sometimes just a dot or small curved line is enough to let your audience know that the nose is there.

When it comes to men, it can still be tricky to get exactly the nose you want, but there's much more leeway. I guess most people don't care too much about a guys nose. Good luck and thanks for commenting!