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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I've been following the blog, Love in the time of Chasmosaurs. Great blog if you love dinosaurs, Which I kind of forgot that I did. Anyway, there's always lots of talk on there about dinosaurs being feathered, which everyone is pretty certain they were now. The idea kinda creeps me out. Birds have always been scary to me for some reason that I could never explain, so to add feathers to a Raptor or Trex, well it conjures images that are horrifying and fascinating at the same time. So I doodled this little guy- no particular species just something in the raptor vein.


Will Terrell said...

My family has a few chickens and a rooster, and every time they all run across the yard together they look just like a herd of raptors. It's creepy. The rooster especially will sometimes tilt his head in a creepy way and look at you with the look of a predator in his eyes.

They definitely look like little dinosaurs.

Love your art, by the way. Been a fan for a while!

Eric Scales said...

Yeah. I had a chilling experience at the zoo- It was just before closing and I was walking up to the cassowary cage, really just a fenced in area, ground level and lots of trees all around. This cassowary, big blue and black bird a bit smaller than an ostrich comes running from behind a hedge right at me and the fence. It was exactly like the galamimus scene from Jurassic Park, and the Cassowary is much more colorful and interesting than the galimimus' were in the movie. But the same run, a weird unearthly squawk. He turned at the fence and went to the side, but for a moment it was as if he was charging the fence.

davor said...

Love it! thanks for the kindness of a link. I tweeted this and will share it in my next dino-roundup! Will be following, too. Love your stuff.