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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Glen Keane

Nowadays, it's cliche for someone to name Glen Keane as their favorite animator, however, that has been the case for me since Beauty and the Beast first came out. That's when I first found out who he was and he became the embodiment, to me, of Disney Animation. I received the signed photo below, along with a letter, in response to a very gushy fan letter I sent to him when I was about 14.

This past weekend Mr. Keane announced his resignation from Disney after 38 years. Rather than feel sad, I'm excited that he's moving on, most likely to continue to animate and do what he loves, instead of floundering in a job that no longer seems to have a use for him anymore. I only met him once, but I wish him well.

I hope he starts a blog...

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Shirley said...

What a super photo and autograph. Loved the Beauty and the Beast..and you are right, I hope he starts a blog and can do what he's wanted to do now that he's starting the next chapter of his life. Great post!