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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mad Baby

I drew this because of a website called It's a site where various professional artists submit artwork based on a single theme, generally something from the public consciousness that they can all riff on. I've always thought on of the weak areas with my portfolio was the lack of variety. I have so much Disney stuff, of which I'm very proud, but very little else. Drawergeeks got me excited about just having fun with a variety of subjects. It's an invitation only website, and while I am looking into that, I started this blog as another option, in case that doesn't pan out. Anyway their current theme is "Grrr Face" and so all the artists are submitting, well faces going "Grrrr...". This is mine. Just a quick 2 or 3 minute sketch. Don't know what the little guy is so upset about. Come to think about it perhaps he's just constipated...

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a guy in a gorilla suit said...

well there is "Disney Style" and there is The Other Disney Style" - less in the way the drawings are made, but more in the way they work. "The King's New Groove" really struck me unexpected - everyone going bonkers about another Disney product... but it was really different. Not only in timing and humour, but more in the complete hilarity of the whole work. I still believe this film somehow 'happend' and 'broke out of the lab' - but this is my own opinion.

Then there are the artists mocking and making fun of well-know disney characters with lookalikes behaving contrary and carying this way out what is expected to be assumed as funny. Works too. Sometimes.

And then there is the hint of "Disneyness" in this upset baby. Really nice. Too mad to be "Disney" but then also too harmless looking for being a real threat... But alll in all well executed and nicely done.

Says the nerdy Nerd how never made it... I really like it. And I am really thankful for having your blog as a source of inspiration and tutorial at the same time.

All the best. M.s