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Thursday, March 8, 2007

3 Types of Sketches

I have 3 types of figure sketches. The two from the previous post are the simplest in final form, the most impressive to myself. They are a handful of lines that tell you everything about the subject. There may be parts missing, legs or fingers or whatever, but if it's necessary to the pose, it's there in those few scratches of ink. More commonly they come out like this:

I'm generally happy with this sort of sketch too. It's much more worked over. But it tends to have a finished look and solidity that I like, even though you can tell it took a lot more work than my quicker ones. As quick sketches go, there's a lot of unnecessary information here, but not so much as too make the basic pose unreadable. Not sure which kind I like better.

The third kind of sketch I end up with is the kind that's a dead end. IF I finish them, they don't show anything of value. I won't be posting any examples of those. Just pretend I didn't mention them.

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